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Welcome to Gianni’s Chicken Burgers!

Let us just start by saying thank you to all of our customers that have been coming to our store for the past 35 years and making it such a success! Being around food all of our lives, my family and I have come up with many different recipes, food concoctions, and of course a great business that has allowed our customers to enjoy the very best of who we are and what we have created. There have been so many food creations and so many food staples that have made our business very successful over the years - the past 35 years to be exact - and now we want to share one of our most recent sought after products to more and more people. This product is our incredibly popular chicken burger. Our chicken burgers have been around for more than 10 years and now have been our best selling product (yes it outsells our fresh mozzarella). And it all started with my father Giovanni aka “Gianni” who invented the recipe and who we have dedicated Gianni’s Chicken Burgers to. With much trial and error we have perfected the recipe which has become the most successful selling item at A&S Fine Foods and now we want to share this success that we have shared with our customers for 10 years to as many people as we can.

We have created so many varieties of so many delicious chicken burgers that we want to share these incredible recipes to everyone who loves chicken, wants to live a healthy and clean lifestyle, and is looking for a healthy alternative to a beef burger. If you worry about eating healthy, eating red meat, calories still want to eat something that is delicious our chicken burger is perfect for you. Our mission is for people to eat healthy while still enjoying the taste and enjoying the food that you have been accustomed to.

Please help us expand our product and share our story with your friends and family. Tell everyone about what we and “Gianni’s Chicken Burgers” is about to help make our product as successful as A&S!

If you are interested in Gianni’s Chicken Burgers, visit our site at www.giannischickenburgers.com